Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch!


2009 Pumpkin Hulsey Cockerel

Mika'il: This unpretentious fellow is all gameness and eager to flaunt it. I thoroughly enjoy rousing to a voiceful Chanticleer trilling on its trumpet in the pre-dawns. As must anyone!


2009 Pumpkin Hulsey Cockerel.

Uriel: This large boned cockerel is a personal favorite of all my flock. He has it all, stature and gameness. I couldn't ask more of him than I have gotten in his young stags.


2010 Pumpkin Hulsey Stag."

Gabriel: If Uriel is my favorite cockerel, then his get 'Big Gabe' follows a close 2nd. This guy is exactly what I had hoped to achieve from Uriel's matings.


[Jan. 2009 - Nov. 2010] R.I.P.

Sadly Azrael: has passed on to that free range in the sky. I'd initiated giving him a free run of the farmstead alongside a harem of pullets, but days later I discovered him throwing himself against the chainlink fence to get at another cockerel. Injuries were self inflicted, and both cockerels were in pretty bad shape sparring against a steel wire. Azrael succumbed to his trauma mid-afternoon, despite all I could do. Gabe has recovered fully. It pains me that I did not foresee this occurring. There is no QUIT in these birds. He is missed.

A Due Warning To All Visitors!

Feb. 8, 2010

These premises are patrolled 24/7
by the Gander Police.

Any and all visitors [without exception] will receive a thorough GOOSING.

    Avery Farm
    2993 County Rd 67
    Hartford, AL 36344